financial Coaching

Coaching is a process to help clients link their behavior to their goals and values Financial coaching is a way to partner with clients.  We provide support, encouragement and accountability as the client defines and moves toward their goals.


Financial coaching is distinct from financial education or counseling in that the coach approaches the relationship from the position that the client knows what is best for their situation. It is a solutions focused, collaborative process in which the coach and client design a plan to identify and move toward the client’s self-determined financial goals.

One-on-One Coaching 

Our personalized approach to financial coaching, combined with more than 30 years of coaching experience, sets us apart from other companies and provides you with individualized attention.

23% of companies noticed an increase in sales and revenue even when it wasn’t an aim of the coaching.

Online Group Coaching 

8 x 45 minute weekly calls (including a group follow up call one month after the initial series to check in on progress with your programs and answer any outstanding questions)


New this Winter - Participate "Live" or by

"Live Class Recording" emailed to participants on class day.   

Winter Classes Start January 3rd. 

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Video Course Coaching

New for 2022! 

Learn to build a solid financial foundation and gain lasting financial freedom.  Coach Babette guides you through 8 easy to follow financial lessons that will provide a lasting financial change in your life.   You enjoy the flexibility to learn on your schedule - whenever and wherever.  We've removed your excuses.  Now its time to Stop the Insanity and build lasting financial change .   Coach Babette will guide you through topics such as:

Financial Personalities

Financial Obstacles 

Dumping Debt 'n Living Free 


What Can I Afford? 

Shopping for Life, not Luxury 

Financial Family Meetings 

Getting Your House in Order



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