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Corporate FINANCIAL WELLNESS  Coaching

There is a silent epidemic that afflicts 30 million workers in the U.S.

 - a quarter of the American workforce - 

and is costing businesses $15,000 per year per affected employee.  


It's not their physical health.  It's their financial health.  More specifically, it's their debt. Which can ultimately affect the health of your business.  


These are five ways your financially stressed employees are costing your business huge losses every month of every year.  And unless your workforce is unique, at least 25% of your employees -- regardless of their position or salary -- are affected. 


1. Reduced Employee Productivity  - 20 hrs/month/employee due to stress

2. Workplace accidents - 60% - to 80% caused by stress

3. Health & welfare issues - 83% of Dr. visits are stress related

4. Employee turnover - 40% is due to stress 

5. HR Dept. Distractions - Up to 10% of the HR payroll budget is used on stress related                employee occurances.  


This is serious stuff!  Now, do we have your attention?  


Our firm conducts the following Corporate Coaching Series to help Employers help Employees.  - 8 week (1 hr) Lunch 'n Learn sessions

-  1 (8 hr) or 2 (4 hr) Saturday workshops


- 12 week (1 hr) Lunch 'n Learn sessions

- 3 Saturday (4 hr) workshops


What do Employers Receive

Employee Appreciation

Lunch for Participants

Performance and Project Clarity

Less Sick Days

Emotional Wellness

Increased Tenure & Longevity

Overall… Happier, More Productive Employees



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We have your corporate success in mind.   


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